New Domain!

September 6, 2008

That’s right we now own the domain Like before comics will be uploaded on the new site every Monday and Thursday. I always try to get them on the site as soon as I wake up which is about 6 AM PST. Although we did get a new domain there are no major changes to the site yet. Keep checking back though because I am constantly working on the site and trying to make it look and run better.

That is all for now do please check out and update your bookmarks. Also check back next Monday for a new comic.


Introduction to Me

September 1, 2008

Chris did a nice introduction for himself, blog, and the comic. But I think I should do my own introduction so here I go.

My name is Braden League I go to an art’s school and want to go into the video games industry as a concept artist. I have been meaning to start a webcomic for a long time now and have failed a few times with one strip comics that were not very funny. My problem was more with the writing and making funny of the comics for that the art. So when i created these creatures I asked Chris to write a short 4 or 5 panel comic and thus FailSafe was born.

Why stop there I think I will give you guys some pretty pictures to look at. First up is my workspace where FailSafe is born every week.

Braden's Workspace where FailSafe is born

Braden's workspace

The comic is done completely with the mouse no tablet or anything. I start with making a layer and sketching it all out so I can place every thing on the page. I then make another layer and go back over the lines I like with black.

This is how i make the comics

This is how i make the comics

As you can see there is a the blue layer which was the sketch then over it was the black layer which was the final layer for the inking. Afterwards I start the coloring which I just use the Brush Tool and fill it in. The colors usually consist of a few layers. I then move it on to the comic and once I am done with all the panels I add the word bubbles.

That is pretty much how I make FailSafe in a nutshell. Make sure you check back because one of the things I want to do this year is get into blogging more. Also remeber the comic updates every Monday and Thursday so check the FailSafe website.