On Black-Holes, Usurpings, and Confectionary Delights

September 6, 2008

Finally getting around to doing one of these, it takes quite a bit of ambition to write something that 3 people are going to look at. 2 (or was it 3?) more comics have gone up in the time since my last post, and while I don’t feel as if I owe these posts to my reader(s), they are something that I somewhat enjoy doing.

Writing was never really “fun” for me, in fact, it still isn’t. But it’s basically the only thing I can channel my creativity into. Aside from abstract Photoshop art, where I make some shapes and lines, then add filters until it looks good, I’m horrible with just about every art medium. I just lack the ability to be inspired, it is quite possible that I am a swirling black-hole of un-inspiration, must check this theory.

I write, he draws; we stick to our strengths. Beleive me, if I could draw, I would have usurped Brad’s position(s) as Head Artist, Lead Designer, Lead Concept Artist, and Master of Confectionary Goods. While I don’t have anything against him, I just enjoy being in a position of power.

For this next paragraph, (possibly two, I won’t know until I am done typing) I will talk to you all about books. Books are fascinating things, they use an ancient substance called paper, which was, or so I am told, once used for communicating with others you wished to, well, communicate with. I shall, ashamedly, I might add, confess to you that I haven’t read that many books in a while. This must change. The last book, graphic novel, really, that I read, was Watchmen. A work of fiction so good, that as I type this I feel as if I should read it again. I urge you all to go out and buy this, it is most enjoyable.

Beyond that, a couple months ago, I read Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. It was a rather dry peice of fiction, a good story nontheless, though. It was found while looking through the OSU Book Store, in a bargain bin, bought it for 5 bucks. IT was probably the most book I’ve ever received in exchange for that much money, coming in at about 1000 pages.

Perhaps the best Non-Fiction book I have read would be Stephen Colbert’s “I Am America! (And So Can You!)”. It is the only Non-Fiction-type book that hasn’t made me, while reading it, wish I was somewhere else entirely. Mr. Colbert should have, in my (correct) opinion, made it onto the nomination ballot for President. Everyone would have voted for him, and he would have ruled this country with sattire and an iron fist, two things I admire in a leader.

Looking towards the future of my readings, I wish to purchase the first volume, possibly two, of The Walking Dead series, something I have been procrastinating on for quite a while. It’s a good comic, about, completely unironically, The Walking Dead, or, Zombies. And there’s also a side story about a group of survivors, but that doesn’t matter when there’s a story about zombies going on. It comes in the ever-classic (and classy) Black & White format, but the art style doesn’t suffer at all from it.

All for now, PAX post soon.